Baby Shower Must Haves

by Kiva on February 8, 2011

Baby Shower Must Haves

Getting your baby shower right is very important in order to make the event a successful and memorable one. Therefore, you should have some pretty clear notions regarding some baby shower ideas must haves. There are these aspects that make baby showers such fun filled events, where you will have an opportunity to exercise your creative talent.

After all, you are celebrating the imminent arrival of a very special new member of the family. If you have absolutely no clue about baby shower ideas, here is a handy list:

A Compact List of Baby Shower Must Haves


The first item that you will need to include in your baby shower must haves list is the creation of beautiful baby shower invitations. You can really let your creative juices flow here. Catchy and short messages accompanied with some cartoons and happy faces look really cute. This occasion gives you the freedom to get in touch with your own childhood. You can do all these at home while using your computer.

Make generous use of paint and some card creation software, and you will soon feel proud of your own creative capabilities. Starting from the layout of the card to its message, you can create everything on your own. Talking about a child who is soon going to enter the world, in your own unique style, is a feeling that is truly special. It combines fun and love and gives you the opportunity to go overboard with ideas.  After all, everything here is aimed at the would-be mom and the yet-to-be-born little one. As such, your invitations give you the first opportunity to try out new shower ideas.

Another important addition to the list of your baby shower must haves is what people generally call a ‘party favor’. This is a small gift that you will hand over to each of the guests. This is a great way to show your gratitude for their warm affection towards the mom-to-be and an appreciation of the gifts that they have brought. The best part of these favors is that you can add some individualistic baby shower ideas to them.

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While selecting the party favor items, you can stick to some predetermined baby shower theme ideas and create gifts accordingly. This gives you the scope to experiment and create some interesting mementos or return gifts. However, if you are not that creative, you can visit any of the nearby shops that sell party favors and choose one that fits your baby shower theme. Many people buy these favors online, and you too can follow in their footsteps by visiting  websites that sell baby shower favors.

Another important part of the baby shower must haves is the baby shower decorations. You can immediately catch the attention of your guests through beautiful decorations. It is true that you can check out local stores for suitable decor, but the problem with most of these stores is that they often run short of unique decorations. That’s why many people prefer to opt for online shops. A large number of these online shops have good products that will suit your shower ideas or complement the theme you chose.

Another important aspect of baby shower ideas is the inclusion of some quality food items. Well-prepared cuisines have always succeeded in delighting people of all ages. Starting from cakes, to some other healthy and tasty delicacies, you can include a wide range of dishes in your unique baby shower party. Moreover, the expecting mom-to-be can also satisfy her food cravings by having these well prepared and nourishing food items. You can serve the dishes according to the central theme of your baby shower or keep them simple.

If you browse through sites like, you will certainly find some interesting baby shower ideas that can help you plan your baby shower in a more innovative way. While your shower ideas can be absolutely original, there is no harm in getting some inspiration.  After all, in our busy lives, we often find it difficult to make time for original creations, and it is here that such sites and their baby shower ideas can help us.

Keep these simple baby shower must haves in mind, and you will soon see many smiling faces at your party.

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