Cartoon Baby Shower Theme

Cartoon Baby Shower Theme


Cartoon Baby Shower Theme

What better way to bring back childhood memories than to use the mom-to-be's favorite cartoon character for a cartoon baby shower theme. With hundreds of characters to choose from, you sure have your work cut out for you.

Some of the classic characters like Looney Tunes,  Walt Disney and Curious George are the most popular. The modern cartoons are great as well, so check out Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon to get some ideas.



Place plush cartoon characters around the room.

You can also place cartoon character cut-outs  or stickers on the walls.

Decorate with cartoon balloons and color streamers.

You may even find some plates, cups and napkins with the cartoon character on them. Check your local party supply store or on-line stores.

If you can find a large figurine of your character, use it as a centerpiece and place small figurines around the room on coffee tables next to the snacks or dinner mints.

cartoon baby shower themeFood

Make a cartoon character cake or if you're not handy in the kitchen like me, make a regular cake and put a cartoon character cake topper on top.

If your cartoon character has a favorite food they liked to eat on the show, you can serve that food as well (ex. Popeye likes spinach, you can serve spinach dip.)

Serve finger foods like chicken drumlettes, sandwiches, bite sized pizzas… anything you loved as a child.



Baby Shower Favors

Give out figurines that represent your character.

Soap is becoming a favorite baby shower favor. You can choose the shape, size and fragrant. Decorate them with themed decorative papers.

Picture frames with cartoon designs are a nice party favor.

Mini jars of honey will be a sweet treat for your baby shower guests.


Games & Prizes

Cartoon Charades – Each player has a turn reenacting their favorite cartoon character and the others try to guess what cartoon it is. The player with the most correct guesses wins the game.

List The Cartoon Characters – Give each guest a pencil and paper and have them write down as many characters as they can.  The player with the most characters wins the game.

Watch an episode of the cartoon during the shower.

Give the winning guest a pair of movie tickets or gift certificate.

A DVD of your favorite cartoon will be a wonderful prize for the winner and their children….they will love this baby shower prize.



For more Cartoon Character item ideas see below…




Cartoon Character Baby Shower Theme   







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